Paradise Hills 2019 LiMiTED 1080p BluRay x264-GECKOS

Description: In an undetermined future, society has divided in two types: upper-class or "superiors", and the rest of the world, mid and lower-class, named "inferiors". Uma is a superior teen girl who reluctant to marry with another superior named Son to be fall in love of an inferior named Markus, her mother sends her to Paradise Hills, a school for young ladies to reform rebel girls located in a remote island in the middle of the ocean. Waking up in Paradise not knowing how she arrived there, in the island she meets another students of the school: Amarna, a world pop star who was sent after she decided sing her own songs against the will of her parents and the music company that produces her albums; Chloe, an over-weight girl which parents want to turn her in a perfect woman, thin and complaint; and Yu, an inferior that after the loss of her parents was sent with her superiors aunt and uncle, who wants to make perfect and superior as them. At the same time that Uma meets the eccentric and ...
Duke - Uingizaji Hewa (2019)
Release Name: Duke - Uingizaji Hewa (2019)
Size: 98.4 MB
Style: Electronic
Format: MP3 320Kbps
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Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan: The 50th Anniversary Collection 1963 (2019)
Release Name: Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan: The 50th Anniversary Collection 1963 (2019)
Size: 673 Mb
Genres: Folk Rock
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Chasing The Star 2017 720p WEBRip x264-NOGRP

Description: Three Magi Priests from different regions of the world journey through the unforgiving desert in hopes of finding proof of an age old prophecy. But Kings of men and fallen angels will stop at nothing to destroy the Magi and the baby boy they hold dear. These evils force the Magi to confront and make peace with old demons in order to prepare for the arrival of the new born King.
Stephen Colbert 2019.12.18 Charlize Theron WEB x264-XLF

MKV | AAC | 647MB
MKV | AAC | 908MB
MKV | AAC | 1.31GB
Stephen.Colbert.2019.12.18.Charlize.Theron.WEB.x264-Mobile [P2P]
MP4 | AAC | 182MB
The Boxer And The Ballroom Dancer S01E03 HDTV x264-LiNKLE

Season 1, Episode 03 -
Tommy Fury and Curtis Pritchard have swapped jobs: Tommy is training as a ballroom dancer and Curtis as a boxer. In this episode, the time has finally come for them to face their fears and compete in front of their friends and family and a crowd of thousands in the competition of their lives. Tommy turns twinkle toes and heads to a ballroom dancing competition where he competes in front of professional ballroom dance judges and Curtis competes in his first ever boxing match. WIll either of them come out victorious?
MKV | AAC | 286MB
MKV | AAC | 779MB
MKV | AAC | 1.76GB
Girl On The Third Floor 2019 BDRip x264-AAA

Description: Don Koch tries to renovate a rundown mansion with a sordid history for his growing family, only to learn that the house has other plans.
Seth Meyers 2019.12.18 John Mulaney WEB x264-XLF

MKV | AAC | 580MB
MKV | AAC | 792MB
MKV | AAC | 1.22GB
The Limey 1999 720p BluRay x264-GUACAMOLE

Description: An ex-con, fresh out of prison, goes to L.A. to try to learn who murdered his daughter. However, he quickly finds that he is completely out of place with no understanding of the culture he finds. His investigations are helped by another ex-con. Together they learn that his daughter had been having an affair with a record producer, who is presently having an affair with another young woman. An aging actress, who also knew his daughter, forces him to look at his own failures as a father. The movie does focus on the drama of the situation and the inter-relationships of the characters and seldom slips into an action piece.
Take Home Pay 2019 720p BluRay x264-FGT

Description: Two brothers; Alama and Popo, arrive for the first time in NZ as Seasonal Workers, making plenty of money to take back home to their family in Samoa. But things take a turn for the worst when Popo steals Alamas' money and runs away. Alama is determined not to return home empty handed, but the only relative that answers his call for help is Bob Titilo; an aspiring private investigator in his 40s. Alama begins to doubt his decision when Bob's unconventional methods take them on a wild goose chase. This New Action Comedy is brought to you by the Makers of hit Comedies; Three Wise Cousins and Hibiscus and Ruthless.
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