MediaHuman YouTube Downloader (1608) macOS

Language: Multilingual | File size: 30 MB

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a handy application for those who found a favorite music video or trailer of a new movie and wants to keep it on your computer for viewing offline. Or you need to download a video lesson/tutorial. Our video downloader is an ideal solution for such kind of tasks.
File Cabinet Pro 7.2 macOS

File size: 16 MB

File Cabinet Pro is the file manager for the macOS menu bar. Quickly navigate to files without cluttering your desktop. Open, move, rename, compress, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from the menu bar. You can open many file types natively in File Cabinet Pro or open files by launching other applications.
Movist Pro 2.2.6 macOS

Language: Multilingual | File size: 55 MB

Movist is an easy-to-use and powerful movie player. You can choose QuickTime or FFmpeg as decoder for each video codec and reopen with other decoder instantly.
DMG Canvas 2.4.3 macOS

File size: 8 MB

DMG Canvas helps you manage the content and appearance of disk image files using helpful templates. Choose your files, create your background image using helpful controls, and click "Build". Your disk image will appear in Finder exactly as you designed it.
RAW Converter 2.3 macOS

File size: 6 MB

RAW Converter 2 is a simple, yet powerful tool that can convert your raw photos to common format, such as JPG. It almost supports all the raw formats of the camera. It also gives you the ability to resize your raw photos and save them to jpg, jpeg2000, bmp, gif, png, tiff.

Movie Thumbnails Maker 2.4.1 MacOS
Movie Thumbnails Maker 2.4.1 MacOS
File size: 18 MBВ

Sound Studio 4.9.0 Multilingual MacOSX

Sound Studio v4.x Multilingual Mac OS X | 11.9 MB
Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Dutch, Danish.
iA Writer 5.2.8 macOS

Language: Multilingual | File size: 19 MB

iA Writer (was iA Writer Pro) is a professional writing suite that gives you full control over your notes, drafts and edits.
xScope 4.4 macOS

File size: 31 MB

Created specifically for designers & developers, xScope is a powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts. xScope's tools float above your desktop windows and can be accessed via a toolbar, menubar and/or hot keys.
Luminar Flex 1.1.0 macOS

Language: Multilingual | File size: 239 MB

Luminar Flex - A new addition for most photo editing tools that works as a plugin, extension, or external editor. Luminar Flex means that if you choose to stick with your current workflow, you can still use Luminar's AI tech and creative image editing tools.
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